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Hannah Davis, Flatwater Kayak – Herbalife Athlete

An interview with Herbalife-sponsored athlete Hannah Davis. Hannah discusses how she got into the sport of flatwater kayak, the importance of nutrition to her performance, her Herbalife product routine and some great moments she’s had in her career.

” I love the shakes, they are staple part of my diet. Its a power to weight ratio sport. We need to be lean and light but strong and explosive”

LiftOff helps me fire up”

Leadville Trail 100 MTB Gold Buckles

The Leadville Trail 100 MTB is one of the oldest of a growing number of 100-mile (160 km) marathon mountain bike races.  The ‘race across the sky‘, the Leadville 100 MTB has many unique challenges and all competitors have their work cut out just making it to the finish line.

Each competitor is against the clock and desperate to make it to the finish line before the official Leadville Traill 100 race cut-off time 12-hours after the starting pistol is fired.  Only around 80% of all LT100 entrants make it to the finish line on time.

Each year a select few demonstrate that they have the drive and stamina to complete the LT100 MTB course in under nine hours and bring home a much-coveted golden buckle.  Here are members of the Team Herbalife 24 with their buckles: